Tilkee for Sales

“Tilkee for Sales will revolutionise how you sell”


I want to increase my sales

I want to be able to identify the real interest of each prospect by knowing exactly how they read the documents I sent so I can best prioritise my follow-ups.

Tilkee will tell you that 90% of the proposal you sent was read, for 4 mins 30, and the most consulted page.

Thanks to this you are armed with the right information to be able to contact your prospect at the right moment and sign the deal!

I want to improve the presentation of my sales proposals

With Tilkee, your proposals are presented to the prospect in a web page completely branded and personalised to your company (logo, colours etc). You can send powerpoint, word, images, videos and more and there is no file size limit !


“Tilkee analyses how all of your quotes are read”

Increase your conversion rate

and your sales thanks to efficient and prioritised follow-ups with your prospects.

Shorten your sales cycle

increase your responsiveness, save time and improve your the relations you have with your prospects.

Easily send out your offers

with no limit to the file size or document type, and keep control over your documents.

Try for free for 14 days. No payment details required.




shortened the sales cycle
and increased their conversion rate
by more than 70% using Tilkee


saw their conversion rate
increase by 26% using Tilkee