Tilkee’s 5 star score by Early Metrics

Early Metrics is the first rating agency for start-ups and SMEs. Their mission is to evaluate the most innovative projects out there in order to give an open, non-biased opinion to companies and investors.

Tilkee obtained a 5 star rating
Tilkee is now part of the few companies (5% to be exact!) that have obtained a 5 star rating from Early Metrics. With a score of 82/100, Tilkee is now one of the best scored companies by the agency. In order to reach this score, they analyse the project, the market, the business model, company figures and even compatibility among managers/founders. The experts […]

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Sales prospecting: The art of follow-up

Your prospect received your proposal several days ago, and since then your phone has remained desperately silent and your inbox empty. Now is the time to follow up! A successful follow up message is not only a reminder to your prospect, it is also a question of timing and form! Take a deep breath and follow our guide!


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Changes have been made to the way your documents are displayed!

A new way of displaying documents to your prospects is now available. We carefully listened to your feedback regarding this and have taken it account in developing this latest version. So here are the changes we’ve made since our last announcement:

Your clients can now move from one document to the next by scrolling the mouse, whereas before, they were required to click on document titles in the left menu to move on to the next one.
Hyperlinks in the documents are now clickable
Navigation buttons have been added to allow direct access to the next page
A highlighted “Sign document” button for those […]

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How you create your projects just got better!

We realized that we needed to create a project page which is exactly the same regardless of whether you’re creating a new project or editing an existing one. So we did just that!

Here’s a little step-by-step guide on how to create a project:
*Just a quick reminder: a project contains one or more documents that you want to send.

Step 1: Click the New Project button in the top left of your Tilkee dashboard. If you want to create a project using a template, click on the little arrow on the right of the button.

Step 2: Rename your project in the top left corner, […]

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See us at the Websummit 2016 in Lisbon !

Web Summit is THE annual industry get-together for innovative companies in the technology sector. Last year we went to Dublin, Ireland to participate in the 2015 event.


See us again this year at the 2016 event:

from 7 to 10 novembre 2016,

in Lisbon, Portugal.
Find us on the Business France FrenchTech stand



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Tilkee’s obsession with customer support!

At Tilkee, we’ve got plenty of obsessions at work. Some of us are obsessed with sales efficiency; others with their “social networkability”, tweets, slacks, mentions, the list goes on… But what is certain is that we’re all obsessed with customer support!


How did this obsession start?

First of all, you have to take into account that a satisfied customer is a loyal customer. Not only that, but satisfied customers attract an average of five new customers each.

Secondly, you have to implement a solution that encourages customer contact and allows you to answer their questions as soon as possible: in short, to ensure […]

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[Press release] Tilkee presents its latest tool – Tilkee for Marketing

Tilkee, French software publisher specialised in business proposal follow-up and sales process optimisation, announced today the launch of Tilkee for Marketing (available from January 2017 – price on request), following it’s success with Tilkee for Sales, including clients such as Orange, Cegid, Verspieren and Adecco.


“Created for marketing professionals, Tilkee for Marketing will quickly become the essential tool for people wanting a simple and clever competitive advantage. It aims to increase engagement and efficiency of email campaigns in a way like no other…” said Sylvain Tillon, CEO.

Read more here!

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Tilkee as fast as a Ferrari !

Because saving you time and helping you be ever faster to recontact your prospects are our top priorities, we have worked for many weeks on a feature that you will love…

Fast and streamlined project composing !

Now you can send your access links in 3 simple steps:

1. You add your documents,

2. Tilkee automatically generates an access link,

3. You send it to your prospect !

This is a streamlined and quick version of project composing.You can always (when sending your link), access to detailed features (preview of the project, update and add […]

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Tilkee & Gmail plug-in

“Thanks to Tilkee, no more attachments in your emails”

This sentence could not be truer than today !

To start : download the Gmail plug-in on your mailbox via this link.


Then click on “Compose” to send an email.

You can immediately add the email address of your recipient as well as the subject (which will appear in your connection’s email alert)


1. To add your documents, click on the fox icon located on the right of the send button :

2. Log in the Tilkee app.


2 options :

Add a link to an existing project containing existing documents (eg. company brochure)


Create a […]

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Use Tilkee with Zapier!

Have you heard about Zapier? 

Zapier is a tool which helps automate tasks between two web applications. Over 300 services are already connectable among them Gmail, Twitter, Drive, Mailchimp, Dropbox, Evernote and of course Tilkee !

Indeed, Tilkee is now connected with Zapier and to be honest since then we could not do without it !

This is a great opportunity for me to give you a few tips to connect Tilkee with other applications :


my “Zap of the day” is the Tilkee-Slack connection:

For those who do not know, Slack is the new corporate internal communication service.

The purpose of this “Zap” is […]

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