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Prospecting and commercial proposal structuring tool

Optimize your commercial efficiency (and avoid wasting time on unnecessary follow-ups)

Create, optimize and measure the performance of your business proposals.
Tilkee is simple solution to improve your  prospecting and increase your conversion rate.


Tilkee helps you put together your commercial offers and allows you to differentiate yourself from your competitors.


Your client discovers your entire proposal with a single link. No worries about your attachments that are too large.


Tilkee improves your client follow-up by alerting you when the client connects to your project. It tells you which elements have been read and downloaded.

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30 days FREE trial. Change your offer according to your usage.

1 user
25 proposals
unlimited client access
50 Mb storage
adjustable template
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19€ per month
1 user, 9€/add. users
unlimited proposals
unlimited client access
500 Mb storage
adjustable template
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59€ per month
1 user, 9€/add. users
unlimited proposals
unlimited client access
2 Gb storage
training & personnalization
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Big compagnies
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unlimited users
unlimited proposals
unlimited client access
10 Gb storage
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Rates without VAT – VAT at the rate applicable to the billing – Payment by direct debit


Subscription includes one user (by default, the account administrator). Then you may give your collaborators access.


A commercial proposal corresponds to a project to which you may add an unlimited number of documents and videos, references, or any other resources managed by Tilkee.

Prospects' access

Prospects' access corresponds to the creation of a unique link for each prospect linked to a commercial proposal. You can generate as many as you need!


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~ Frequently Asked Questions ~

Can each user manage his own commercial proposals ?
YES, each user is independent. He manages and receives alerts about the proposals he has created.

Can proposals be shared with other collaborators ?
YES, you can choose which collaborators can consult the proposal.
WARNING, total access is granted (modification / consultation of proposals).

Can the user add documents after sending the access link  to a prospect ?
YES, it is possible to modify the proposal after sending it to a prospect.

What payment methods are accepted ?
We accept direct debit authorization only (dematerialized with Slimpay).

Is the Tilkee offer valid for public tenders ?
Yes, since 01/01/2012, public tenders in electronic format cannot be refused (see the decree for more informations).

Do I have completely change the way i design my commercial proposals?
NO, Tilkee allows you to upload your traditional documents (doc, ppt, pdf, mp4, mov…). You do not have to change your methods of designing commercial proposals.

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Tilkee – – +33 6 09 92 40 38 – 27 rue Sergent Blandan, 69001 Lyon


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