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Integrate Tilkee into Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics quickly and easily!

5 Reasons to Integrate Tilkee into SalesForce

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Work from a single interface

Enhance the value of your CRM by sharing important sales documents directly from your company's CRM.

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Simplify the sending of your sales proposals

Simplify the sending of your sales proposals thanks to Tilkee in Salesforce and save time by using the pre-configured templates.

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Enjoy improved accuracy of your sales forecasting

By combining Tilkee's lead scoring and tangible data, natively integrated into Salesforce, you'll benefit from more reliable, accurate sales forecasting.


Access comprehensive dashboards & reports

Create customised reports and/or dashboards with viable statistics for your salespeople, managers and executives.

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Reduce your low value-added tasks

Integrate Tilkee into Salesforce, reduce your low value-added tasks, automate sales proposal follow-up and focus your efforts on your core business: sales.

Product Tour of Tilkee for Salesforce

As well as being an ISV partner, Tilkee is also a module available in the Salesforce app exchange.

Take advantage of Tilkee’s features directly within your CRM.

By working with Salesforce’s R&D teams, Tilkee offers automations to help save time for your sales teams, improve their operational efficiency and your forecasts.

The Tilkee module is accessible directly from your CRM Opportunities

Create your sales proposals and the Tilkee projects linked to your opportunity and benefit from all the information available in Salesforce in one click.

Centralise the sending of your sales documents (quotes, contracts, brochures, etc.)

Centralise all your actions by sending quotes and additional documents directly from the Salesforce module to your customers and prospects.

A dedicated, unique and secure online space for your customers

Reap the benefits of a fully secure, online space for viewing documents and personalise it with your logo and company branding.

Enable your salespeople to take advantage of the Tilkee reading behaviour data

Tilkee’s Artificial Intelligence engine allows you to have an overarching vision of your chances of success per opportunity, giving you access to all the reading behaviour data on your sent documents and thus determining the interest level of your customers.

Prioritise your follow-up using the interest score and sales automation

In your dashboard, visualise your hottest opportunities by the interest level on each of your sent proposals. Tilkee’s AI also recommends the best actions to take according to the context. Receive automatic alerts telling you who to follow up with and when.

Contracts via the Tilkee e-Signature

Revolutionise the customer experience! In just a few minutes, allow your customers to fill out your contracts remotely thanks to PDF Filler and sign them electronically, while capturing their level of interest in real-time.

Why use Tilkee?

Choose us and place your trust in our capable hands! Start using our powerful solution today!

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No software to install or configure

No software to install or configure. Access Tilkee easily and simply from your web browser (Chrome, Safari, etc).

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Keep control of your documents

Be sure your documents are in the right hands with Tilkee's secure links and identification methods.

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A recognised e-signature, certified by Eidas

Tilkee's e-signature is certified by Certinomis, a trusted third party that has obtained the n910/2014 qualification (eIDAS) and the EN 319 411-1 & 2 conformity certification.




“When we adopted Tilkee and integrated it in Salesforce, we really noticed the difference. The ability to prioritise calls and the lead scoring of our customer portfolios allowed us to immediately become more efficient!”

Olivier KLAINE


“Tilkee into Salesforce allows us to digitalize 100% of the business process, from taking the lead to signing the purchase order, to improve our targeting and transformation rate, as well as the quality of our forecasts!”

Try Tilkee for Salesforce from 49€/month!


More than 100,000 people from these companies use Tilkee and we've been working alongside them since 2015.
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