The document sharing solution that will improve your efficiency

A simple way to share your important documents and analyse how they are read by your recipients.

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Access the Tilkee platform directly from your browser.

Import your documents, group them into projects, share them easily and securely with your contacts. Analyse your contacts’ reading behaviour and their interest level thanks to Tilkee’s artificial intelligence.

Tilkee can be used directly from your inbox through our Gmail & Outlook plugins.

Share your sales documents

Digitalise all your documents, whatever their format.

Share these documents with your clients within the 100% secure Tilkee document space and collaborate on them seamlessly.

Centraliser vos documents avec Tilkee

Analyse the reading behaviour on your documents

Tilkee AI allows you to retrieve data on your customers’ and prospects’ reading behaviour and timings, to understand buying signals and to detect business opportunities thanks to Tilkee’s scoring.

Finalise and sign your sales proposals and contracts electronically

Enable the e-signature on your sales documents and shorten your sales cycle. In just a few minutes, allow your customers to fill out your contracts remotely and sign them electronically, while capturing their level of interest in real-time.

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Make your document sharing easier by installing the Tilkee extension in Chrome to save you time !

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Why use Tilkee?

Choose us and place your trust in our capable hands! Start using our powerful solution today!

Icone - Aucun Logiciel - Tilkee

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No software to install or configure. Access Tilkee easily and simply from your web browser (Chrome, Safari, etc).

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Icone - Contrôle des documents - Tilkee

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Be sure your documents are in the right hands with Tilkee's secure links and identification methods.

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Icone - e-Signature - Tilkee

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Tilkee's e-signature is certified by Certinomis, a trusted third party that has obtained the n910/2014 qualification (eIDAS) and the EN 319 411-1 & 2 conformity certification.

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“Tilkee is a strategic tool for sales follow-up. We’re alerted in real-time with detailed insights which allow us to follow up with clients at key moments and capture new emails.

The stats we receive are key to identifying the most read sections of documents and to prepare our arguments prior to meetings. They also allow us to optimise our content and collateral by deleting the parts that are not viewed.

The e-signature and real-time synchronisation with Salesforce help optimise the signature process!”

Frédéric NAUDIN


“A real innovative solution to develop your sales led by a super dynamic and engaging team!”

Try Tilkee from 39€/month !


Benefit from more flexibility, improve your productivity and save time thanks to our various integrations.

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Benefit directly from Tilkee's native integration into Salesforce CRM for greater ease of use and improved productivity thanks to a 2-in-1 tool.

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Benefit from the Tilkee integration into Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a more seamless and streamlined sales process!

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Make it easy to share and send your documents by installing our Gmail & Outlook extension on your web browser!

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Connect Tilkee to several hundred emailing solutions and get an overview of your outgoing emailing campaigns.

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More than 100,000 people from these companies use Tilkee and we've been working alongside them since 2015.
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