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Tilkee Pro Licence

Access to Tilkee
00* HT
/ Month / User
  • Unlimited creation of document sharing spaces
  • Project creation
  • Multi-user management
  • Profile and rights management
  • Import & conversion of various document formats (PDF, Word, Excel, etc...)
  • Document tagging
  • Template creation
  • Heading creation
  • Document search
  • Customisation of the document sharing space
  • Unlimited generation of secure access links
  • Activation/deactivation of the document download feature
  • Reading behaviour analyses
  • Real-time alerts upon access to documents
  • Interest level scoring & predictive analyses
  • Unlimited, certified e-signatures
  • GDPR compliance
  • Email integration (Gmail, Outlook, Slack)

Tilkee Enterprise Licence +

Connect Tilkee Tilkee into Salesforces or Microsoft Dynamics !
00* HT
/ Month / User
  • All the features of the Tilkee Pro Licence plus:
  • +
  • Native CRM Integration - Microsoft Dynamics 365 & SalesForce (SalesCloud) including:
  • Automatic follow-up based on data
  • Sales Dashboard & Reports
  • Sales manager Dashboard & Reports
  • Enterprise Dashboard & Reports
  • Next best sales actions
  • Leads Scoring
  • Opportunity Scoring

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Icone - Aucun Logiciel - Tilkee

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No software to install or configure. Access Tilkee easily and simply from your web browser (Chrome, Safari, etc).

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Icone - Contrôle des documents - Tilkee

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Be sure your documents are in the right hands with Tilkee's secure links and identification methods.Be sure your documents are in the right hands with Tilkee's secure links and identification methods.

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Icone - e-Signature - Tilkee

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Tilkee's e-signature is certified by Certinomis, a trusted third party that has obtained the n910/2014 qualification (eIDAS) and the EN 319 411-1 & 2 conformity certification.

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Here are the answers to the questions most frequently asked by our new users.

Yes. You can use Tilkee for 14 days for free, with no limitations in terms of the functions available on the platform. You’ll therefore easily be able to see if Tilkee meets your needs. If you have a question about using Tilkee or about our pricing then get in touch via our chat and we’ll be back to you as soon as we can.

You can share many different document formats: PDF, PPT, Word and Excel. You can also share multimedia content, photos and videos. Thanks to our “PDF Filler” function, you can also create documents that can be modified by the recipient and allow them to fill in any missing information online in a secure manner. There are many uses for this including filling out a contract, a direct debit mandate, bank details, obtaining information required for a quote etc. Contact us via the chat to find out more and a Tilkee sales engineer will quickly get back in touch to answer all your questions.

Yes, your customers can access the shared space as frequently as they like to view the documents you’ve shared with them. Each customer’s document space is totally secure and always up to date. They can also fill out the shared documents (mandates, banking information, address, phone number etc). If you have a document to be filled out before it can be signed, you and your customers can use Tilkee as a space to facilitate the back and forth and continuously update and modify documents together, offering a seamless digital experience. Your data is secure, as is your customers’ data.

Yes. Your sales, marketing and other teams, can share their most used or useful documents, create projects, templates, identify which documents have the most success or help win the most sales. Tilkee is also an enterprise document sharing solution where documents can be presented in an organised, structured way to facilitate locating them. Our tagging system, integrated search engine and filter search option all enable documents to be easily found and for easy identification of the right document, in the right context.

For the “Tilkee Pro” version, the limit is 10 MB per file and 50 GB for storage space. The “Enterprise” version allows you to go beyond that with 50 MB per file and 100 GB of storage space. If you need more, and want to use Tilkee in a generalised way within your company and have many users, no problem, get in touch via our chat and we will implement a specific solution adapted to your needs.

With regard to data security, Tilkee is constantly working to manage the company’s defence systems, develop security review processes, design the security infrastructure and implement the necessary security rules to guarantee the compliant management of our clients’ personal data. In particular, we have successfully undergone several security audits of our “Enterprise” clients and have obtained the Afaq certification – personal data protection. Tilkee is also in the process of obtaining the ISO 27001 certification.

Tilkee has a connector for SalesForce/SalesCloud that is certified by SalesForce. We have the same level of certification with Microsoft. Our connectors are available in the SalesForce Appexchange (URL) and in the Azure Appexchange (Url). This way, you can be sure that in terms of security, stability and performance, we are able to offer you the best guarantees.

Our esignature is certified by Certinomis (the “La Poste” Group) – Certinomis has obtained the certification according to the n910/2014 (eIDAS) regulation, as well as the Référentiel Général de Sécurité (RGS) certification to 2 star level and the certification of conformity EN 319 411-1 & 2 for offers that run on the registration and certification platforms used by the Certinomis Corporate solution. – The Corporate solution holds the “France Cybersecurity” label, which recognises quality cybersecurity solutions produced in France. – The stamp used by Tilkee has been certified by ETSI 319 411-1 level LCP and been certified by RGS as 1 star.

You can access our support directly from our home page or by clicking on the link below: https://help.tilkee.com/fr/

In this space, you will be able to read FAQs, go over tips on how to use Tilkee (Tilkee for Salesforce, signature integration, configuration etc.) or communicate with us via our chat. If you are already a customer and you want to open a support ticket, you can also do so via our chat.