The 1st AI platform for digitalising sales

Use the power of Tilkee’s Artificial Intelligence to help your managers and salespeople sell more.

Sell more, better and faster in a changing world

The world is changing and working from home has led to a big shift in the way that we interact with our customers. So how do we adapt and continue to sell in a “contactless” world? Integrate new changes now thanks to Tilkee.

One Platform

Tilkee: one platform to remotely manage your sales process, from the initial contact through to signing that deal. Tilkee is natively integrated into your CRM (SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics) which enables you to capitalise on your existing solutions as well as improve the efficiency of your salespeople and managers … plus it can be set up in the blink of an eye!

Predictive scoring board

Sales enablement

Sales process automation

AUTOMATION & next best action


Closing deals and contractualisation

Transform your sales teams’ performance in a digital world

Tilkee for Salesforce

Improve the performance of your sales teams and switch to Auto Mode

When we adopted Tilkee and integrated it within SalesForce, we really felt the difference: prioritising calls and precise lead scoring on customer opportunities allowed us to become efficient on a whole new level!

Jordan Sanial - Meilleurs Agents

Tilkee in SalesForce allows us to digitalise our entire sales process, from generating a lead to receiving a signed purchase order, all the way through to improving targeting, conversion rate, as well as the quality of our forecasts.

SME Direct Sales Director -
Bouygues Télécoms Entreprises

Tilkee for Salesforce facilitates the work of our sales teams. It enables them to prioritise their follow-up based on opportunity scoring.

Marina Corso - Verspieren

Marina Corso
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100% of our customers have seen an improvement in their sales performance