Predictive Scoring

With our lead scoring based on a predictive machine learning algorithm, you can identify in real-time the behaviour and timing of your prospects as well as qualify their level of interest instantly. Use Tilkee’s lead scoring to trigger the next best possible step (automatated or manual), and improve the operational efficiency of your business processes!

Document Management System (DMS)

With Tilkee, your sales team can easily manage and access your documents and content. Centralise all your marketing, sales and administrative documents in one organised space. Thanks to our document analytics, your salespeople can easily identify the documents that are most likely to convince your prospects and turn them into customers.

Shared document space

Interacting with your customers has never been easier! With Tilkee, provide each of your clients with an interactive and personalised document sharing space.

Electronic Signature

Download, print, sign, scan, send… With our e-signature feature, which has a higher level of legal validity than a handwritten signature, eliminate all these time-consuming steps by having your customers sign your documents wherever they are and from any device, in two clicks!

PDF filler

Do you have documents which need filling out before they are signed? Not to worry, your customers can fill in your documents directly in the Tilkee document space before signing them, from contracts to finance documents to membership forms. With a 100% digital contracting process, shorten your sales cycle and improve the customer experience!