Case studies

Learn more about the Tilkee solutions & exactly how our clients use them thanks to these industry specific case studies.

Tilkee for Sales

Sector: Insurance

In the context of a complete sales process restructure, a major player in the insurance industry adopted Tilkee for Sales.

Tilkee for Sales

Sector: Telecoms

Thanks to Tilkee, telecom sales teams organise their calls according to the time their prospects and clients spend reading their sales proposals.

Tilkee for Sales

Sector: Energy

Sales teams follow-up at the right moment, with better qualified prospects thanks to the email alerts notifying them as to how & for how long electricity and gas contracts have been read.

Tilkee for Sales

Sector: IT

Salespeople are more confident and efficient thanks to prioritising follow-ups according to detailed statistics on prospect reading behaviour.

Tilkee for Sales

Sector: Transport

A shorted sales cycle thanks to more efficient, prioritised follow-ups (effectuées juste après la lecture des propositions commerciales).

Tilkee for Sales

Sector: Recruitment

Easier and more accurate way to identify which client is interested in which candidate’s profile and therefore boosted efficiency in closing deals.

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Tilkee for sales

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Tilkee for marketing

Analyse your documents!
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Tilkee for events

Optimise your events!
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Tilkee for jobs

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