It’s the little things that count right? This applies to business as much as it does to anything else in life.

I’m talking about review and comparison websites; a review here, a review there, all the reviews combined together have a big impact! Besides, who can say no to a bit of online visibility.


Here at Tilkee, we try to be present on as many as possible to get our name out there and enable people to see how we square up to similar tools (for the better in most cases!). It takes a short amount of time to put together a profile, like this one on Finances Online: and you never know how much business those 5 minutes could generate you in the long run.

With the latter review, to our surprise we were even awarded the Rising Star 2018 award as well as the Great User Experience award. The first award is reserved for newcomers to the SaaS market that have shown potential and are considered among the sales software programmes that are reliable. Meanwhile, the second is given for noticeable and constant progress in quality user experience improvements which we pride ourselves on, especially after we also landed a spot in their top 15 business sales software – thanks!

Check back on the blog soon for further tips on accelerating your business in the easiest ways!