Tilkee for Marketing

“Tilkee for Marketing will revolutionise your lead generation
by analysing the efficiency of your marketing content in real-time!”


I want to transform my online documents into qualified leads

With Tilkee, when someone reads your brochures, white papers, or other documents, you’ll immediately be able to identify who it was and analyse exactly how they read the content.

I want to create an efficient emailing campaign

With Tilkee, you can create follow-up emails depending on which parts of the sent content was read by each person and therefore massively increase your efficiency.


“ Tilkee analyses how your digital documents are read ”

Identifying interested prospects

A score out of 5 is given for each reading of the documents sent out. According to this score you can follow-up with each reader in the best way, at the right time.

Analysing the marketing content you send

Detailed statistics on your prospects’ reading behaviour (time spent on each page, order in which they were read…)

Simple to use

Documents are accessible on all platforms regardless of format or weight.

Two options to suit your needs:

I want to manage the campaign

Access to the Tilkee for Marketing platform,
document management,
access to detailed statistics and insights etc.

I want you to manage my campaign

Email creation and design,
creation of a series of follow-up emails according to how content is read,
detailed statistics, end of campaign report,
AB testing, etc.

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Identify the most interested prospects
per offer sent out and shorten the signature & sales cycle



Analyse the reading behaviour of those who’ve read the white paper in order to identify the key elements
and improve the content and layout of future white papers