Optimise your documents by analysing exactly how they’re read and generate ultra qualified leads.

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Easily make documents like brochures & white papers available through different channels.

A detailed analysis

Measure exactly how & for how long your documents are really read by each lead.

Lead generation

Generate ultra qualified leads throughout
all your campaigns in a simple way.

Analyse how your documents are read

Finally unravel the truth and find out how your documents are read, for how long and by who. You can also A/B test your documents. Thanks to Tilkee for Marketing’s tracking, you can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing content using the precise statistics we provide on your leads’ reading behaviour.

Manage your leads better

In real-time you’ll know who has read your marketing documents & for how long as well as immediately visualise which marketing campaigns have been consulted by indvidual leads. You can then immediately forward the genuinely interested contact/s to the right person in your team to follow up. Alternatively, from the beginning of the campaign you can make sure that the relevant salesperson receives an email alert each time a lead reads a document.

Keep control of your documents

All your campaigns sending out documents are available for you to see in one single platform. You can easily modify the documents (e.g. white paper, brochure, case study etc) in real-time even after the campaign has started.

Make your marketing documents available through different channels

With Tilkee for Marketing, you can quickly and simply send documents or put them online:
– on your website or blog
– on your social networks
– in your emailing campaigns (prospection/promotion etc) via the tools you already use (Hubspot, Marketo, Mailchimp…)

Here you’ll find an example of a document sent using Tilkee for Marketing.

Tilkee for Marketing can connect up to your favourite applications

In a few clicks you can use Tilkee for Marketing in all the tools you use on a daily basis.

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