Tilkee helps you find a job

Our solution allows you to search for a job more efficiently for free!

With Tilkee, you can identify the recruiters that are the most interested in your job application and contact them more easily. 

Tilkee for Jobs notifies you in real time if and when your CV is read. 
It’s based on Tilkee for Sales technology which analyses how sales documents are read and now it’s also useful for finding a job.

  1. Add your CV, cover letter and any other document to Tilkee.
  2. Generate a URL for your documents.
  3. Copy and paste this link into the body of your email to a recruiter.
  4. We send you an alert every time they read your documents.
  5. You know which part of your application they read the most and you can contact them at the right time.


Tilkee for Jobs is only and exclusively available to job seekers. If this is not respected, your account will be suspended.

Length of use

3-month access period (renewable)


We send you an email as soon as a recruiter reads your CV


Add any type of documents: .doc, .pdf., .jpg, .mp4, .mov!

About your personal data:

Tilkee for Jobs is a social project that aims to help people searching for a job. Your personal data and your documents are 100% secure. We don’t have access to your documents and you can delete them whenever you decide from your personal interface. All your data will be automatically deleted one year after you stop using Tilkee. Read the legal notice and terms and conditions to learn more.