Tilkee for jobs

Track how your job applications are read and follow up with the most interested employers!

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A smart job application

Send applications which make you stand out: CV, cover letter, video presentation, reference letter…

Email alerts

Receive real-time email alerts telling you who, when & for how long your applications are read and what was read the most by each employer

Efficient follow-up

Identify who is the most interested in your application and follow up at the right time.


Tilkee for jobs, the tool for your job search

Send as many documents as you like

Add your CV, cover letter, reference letter, portfolio… anything is possible! And there’s no limit to file size nor document format: PDF, ‘Office’ documents, image, video etc.

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Track how your job application is read

Each time your application is read, you receive an email alert. You also have access to in depth stats on the exact reading path of each employer to know what interests them the most.

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Get back to the right recruiter at the right time

Thanks to email alerts you can get back to the recruiter once they’ve read your application or if they haven’t, you’ll know to follow up after a few days.

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Increase your confidence

You’ll finally know if your CV is really read and by who!

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Trusted and loved by our users

A great tool. Very useful. You get addicted quite quickly because you get notified when your application is read & by who!

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Alison B.

Ideal for improving the job search process, we’re able to follow up with employers that are really interested in our candidates and leave those that have read the applications for a few seconds aside. I highly recommend!

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Saïd M.

Tilkee is a very useful tool. I was able to see that my CV had not only been read but had been sent to other companies that I was targeting. I feel less discouraged when looking for a job now – I’m not just sitting, waiting for a reply after having sent 10s of CVs… Thanks Tilkee!

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Claire J-M.

Just what I needed when looking for a job! For once I know if my application has been read!!! Great to know that what I send is read, how long for and how many times… Thanks for the tool Tilkee.

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Vanessa R.