Tilkee Dashboard for Salesforce

Tilkee Dashboard for Salesforce is an innovative solution giving its users access to the AI power of Tilkee Data-Driven Platform and the convenience of the leading CRM provider.

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About Tilkee Dashboard for Salesforce

Tilkee Dashboard for Salesforce has been designed to help executives, decision-makers, and senior leaders, establish targets, set goals, and understand sales patterns with the same information they can use to implement appropriate changes.

A fully customizable tool, Tilkee Dashboard for Salesforce lets the users of Tilkee App for Salesforce pick and choose the modules they would like to incorporate in their Lightning Dashboard alongside Salesforce data, helping them make the right decision at the right time.

Average Success Factor per Industry

A brief overview of the current project status in each of the targeted industries helping decision-makers implement new sales strategies.

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Quantity of Links per Success Factor

A visual summary of the aggregated number of project consultations and their success factors, assisting sales executives through the decision making process.

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Quantity of First Access per Day of the Week

A great insight into the prospects’ reading behavior allowing sales leaders better plan prospect follow-up campaigns throughout the week.

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Tilkee Data-Driven Platform

Tilkee fuels your business by empowering your Sales and Marketing teams through reliable and actionable data.

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