“Tilkee helps me qualify my prospects. When the business proposals sent are being opened and read, I know they are interested in my offer. Often caught up in many tasks , I greatly increased by reactivity thanks to Tilkee.”


“One of my prospects has opened my project 5 times on a saturday afternoon via Tilkee. We closed the deal the following monday! Indeed, by knowing what interests our prospect, we increase our confidence going into the meeting and we adapt our pitch.”

Laurence BOST

“Tilkee helps me better prepare my follow-ups. I adapt my pitch to what the prospect has read. I saved time – less fruitless calls, gained in reactivity – I follow-up everytime my documents are read for more than 2 minutes, and in efficiency – my proposals are easily prepared and always complete. Today, all my quotes are sent via Tilkee.”


“At Visiativ, all our strategic projects are handled on Tilkee for a few reasons:
It provides a brand new feel to our brand
It helps us understand our prospects’ reading behaviors
It increases our productivity, while ensuring our documents are well prepared.”

Jérémie DONZEL

“I have been using Tilkee for 2 years and it has completely changed the way I conduct sales. I save twice as much time, I send pretty proposals with heavy files, and I have no attachment issues.
Furthermore, I analyze all the documents that have been read and use the statistics to better understand my prospects.”