The team

Meet the people behind Tilkee
and put a few faces to names!

The team

The co-founders

Sylvain Tillon
Sylvain Tillon Co-Founder & CEO

Timothée Saumet
Timothée Saumet Co-Founder & CTO

The sales/marketing/admin team

Stéphane Girardin
Stéphane Girardin Directeur Commercial

Lydéric Miotti
Lydéric Miotti Business developer

Luca Deguerry
Luca Deguerry Business Developer

Marie-Anaïs Angelier
Marie-Anaïs Angelier DAF / Office Manager

Ludovic Tronel
Ludovic Tronel Business Developer

Fanny Albrieux
Fanny Albrieux Marketing and Communication Manager

François Palluis
François Palluis Business Developer

Gautier Colson
Gautier Colson Business Developer

Igor De Prittwitz
Igor De Prittwitz Business Developer

Baptiste Renault
Baptiste Renault Business Developer

Simon Déchaud
Simon Déchaud Business Developer

Tristan de Fournas
Tristan de Fournas Business Developer

Kate Pringle
Kate Pringle Country Manager UK

Alex Orlinski
Alex Orlinski Sales manager UK/US

Jonathan Foucault
Jonathan Foucault Spanish Country Manager

Susanne Truchet-Zenz
Susanne Truchet-Zenz German Country Manager

The technical team

Christophe Brun
Christophe Brun Lead developer

Matthieu Forel
Matthieu Forel Web Developer

Vanessa Loviton
Vanessa Loviton Web developer

Damien Altman
Damien Altman Web Developer

Aurélie Dubuis
Aurélie Dubuis Web developer

Pierre-Jean Dugué
Pierre-Jean Dugué Web developer

Simon Gaudin
Simon Gaudin Tech support manager

Julie Jaumary
Julie Jaumary Web developer

Lucie Joseph
Lucie Joseph Web developer

Mickael Perrin
Mickael Perrin Data Analyst

Julien Laforge
Julien Laforge Web developer

Andréa Palma
Andréa Palma Front-End Developer

Florian Sanz
Florian Sanz Integrations project manager