The Team

Sylvain Tillon


Sylvain is the most passionate and ressourceful of them all! He’s always on the look out for solutions to save time (and money).

Timothée Saumet


No IT department can resist him (or woman for that matter)!

Stephane Girardin

VP Sales

The Tilkee booster! Sales, morale, productivity… you name it, he boosts it!

Lyderic Miotti

VP Marketing

The sales and marketing automation specialist. He also loves to badger his contacts over email!

Fanny Albrieux

Customer Success Manager

She’s reactive and always there to listen. Fanny goes out of her way to help all our Tilkee users near and far!

Ludovic Tronel

Business Developer

The best scooba diver amongst the team. Does he have any other skills? We’re still searching…

François Palluis

Business Developer

Also known as Elvis PresTilk! No-one can resist that fine quiff of his.

Anissa Maes

Sales and communications assistant

Her smile and sunny disposition are irresistable. If you just need cheering up, get in touch!

Kate Pringle

Business Developer UK/US

Americans, Brits, French people living in anglophone countries?!! Get ready for Kate!

Susanne Truchet-Zenz

Business Developer Germany

If you work in Germany and you’ve still not heard from Susanne, we can only presume you’re living in a hole in the depths of Bavaria with no 3G!

Baptiste Renault

Business Developer Industrie

Discret, mais diablement efficace. Aussi à l’aise sur des chariots élévateurs que lorsqu’il déploie Tilkee sur de vieux ordis avec IE7 !

Jonathan Foucault

Head of Sales Spain / Portugal

Business developer dans l’IT pour le marché ibérique (Espagne, Portugal),
les Pastéis de nata n’ont aucun secret pour lui !

Gautier Colson

Business Developer

Il expérimente autant les déclinaisons capillaires
que les nouvelles méthodes de prospection. Il est redoutable !

Marie Garcia

Management Assistant

Christophe Brun

Lead Developer

The nicest tech guy you’ll meet!

Joseph Blanchard

Web Developer

Joseph, the obsessive tester, has the best Code Climate score ever (according to Tilkee)!

Matthieu Forel

Web Developer

Do you want a new feature on your app? I’ll stop you there… because Matt will have surely already developed it!

François Belle

Web Developer

François is like a swiss knife! You’ll want him by your side if you’re a dev!

Damien Altman

Web Developer

Integrations? Development? Damien is your man!

Pierre-Jean Dugué

Web Developer

Ne vous fiez pas à son physique impressionnant,
il est aussi fin techniquement sur FIFA qu’il
est rigoureux sur les développements de Tilkee !