Meet the team

Sylvain TILLON


Smart and striving for improvements, Sylvain is always on the look-out for new ways to save time (and money)!

Timothée SAUMET


No DSI can ever resist him.


VP of Sales

The best Tilkee team booster in all the land!

Lyderic MIOTTI

VP of Marketing

Our Marketing and Sales Automation guru! He loves keeping in touch with his prospects.


Customer Success Manager

Reactive and caring, Fanny is always available to help our users!

Ludovic TRONEL

Business Developer

The best ping-pong player of all! Other qualities? We are still looking…

François PALLUIS

Business Developer

AKA Elvis Pres’tilk! Because no-one can resist that amazing hair!

Anissa MAES

Sales assistant

She’s so smiley and happy, you just can’t stay away!


Business Developer UK/US

The US, the UK… English speakers! Prepare yourselves – Kate’s comin’ for ya!

Susanne Zenz

Business developer Germany

You work in Germany and you haven’t heard of Tilker Susanne?! You soon will!

Sibylle PELLET

Sales assistant

Ladies and Gents, keep a close eye on that inbox of yours!

Christophe BRUN

Lead Developer

The nicest tech boss around!


Web Developer

THE tester. Joseph has the best Code Climate result.

Matthieu FOREL

Web Developer

Do you want a new feature? Matthieu will develop it before you can even finish explaining what you want!


Front-End Developer

Detail focused, he is always on the look-out for improvements and ways to ease the use of our app!

François BELLE

Web Developer

Swiss army knife François is THE developer’s partner in crime…


Web Developer

Intégrations? Web development? Damien is your man!