Track your documents directly in Salesforce

Thanks to Tilkee’s integration!

SalesForce Integration

Tilkee App will strengthen your CRM by adding unique and efficient features to SalesForce:

  • Create business proposals for each prospect within the tool
  • Upload and arrange your business documents in your proposal
  • Track the overall business proposal
  • And take advantage of Tilkee’s ability to discover who, when, how, and for how long your prospects have viewed your sales documents !

Upload, Display, and Track your sales documents in SalesForce

As soon as your opportunity is created in Salesforce, create a Tilk by uploading your documents and managing the look and feel of your project! No hassle, no changes in your sales process.

Furthermore, one of the most exiting part of Tilkee is to retrieve the detailed statistics on your prospects’ reading behaviors…
Good news, they are ready for you directly in your Salesforce’s instance and will help you better manage your data.

Single authentication

Tired of having to manage dozens of log-ins and passwords? We hear you !
No need to swap between different interfaces: use your SalesForce credentials and Tilkee will be there, ready for you.

Start today, use Tilkee as a Salesforce lead and prospect nurturing tool!

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