€19per month (or €190 per year)

  • 1 user
  • 14 days free
  • Unlimited project creation
  • Template creation
  • Personalised access link (url)
  • Gmail integration
  • E-signature: €1 per signature used
  • Customer Support: Chat

Why use Tilkee?

Tilkee is a sales and follow-up optimisation tool which enables you to increase your conversion rate by 30% +.

Thanks to our tracking of your documents (proposals, brochures, quotes etc) and our precise statistics, you can gauge the true interest of your prospects in real-time and follow-up at the ideal moment to boost deal signatures!

With Tilkee, you’re going to love sales!

What type of documents can I send with Tilkee?

With Tilkee, you are free to send all kinds of documents (.doc, .ppt, PDF, iFrame, images, text, links, etc)! To do this you simply need to upload the document(s) onto Tilkee and send a link to your contact.

How to send a Tilkee link to my prospect?

It doesn’t get much simpler! You just need to follow the below steps:

  • Login to your Tilkee account
  • Create your project and upload your documents
  • Generate an access link (url) for your project
  • Copy and paste the link into an email
  • Send the email to your contact

Are my documents safe?

Your documents are stored on our secure servers by the world leader in data hosting. We’ve done numerous security tests with independant consultants and with SalesForce.

Your projects aren’t indexed by search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc). Only your prospect can access your documents via the link that you send them.

Does Tilkee conform to European legislation?

Yes, Tilkee conforms to European legislation. We don’t save your prospects’ personal data, nor do we place cookies onto their devices.

Can I cancel my account?

You can cancel your subscription at any time as long as you’ve signed up to a monthly subscription. We keep your documents for a year so that you can easily use them again at any moment.

Also, we don’t block the access to your projects unless you decide to! Your prospects will therefore also be able to see your Tilkee projects.

If you have an annual subscription, this will end automatically at the end of the year.