Lead Qualification

Track how your documents are read in real-time by your leads. Use the lead scoring to prioritise your follow-ups and gain a better knowledge of your clients, the timing, what interests them, etc.

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Generate ultra qualified leads

Generate ultra qualified leads throughout all your campaigns in a simple way.

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Improve your sales habits

Identify in real-time the prospects that read your documents and immediately forward the genuinely interested contacts to the right person on your team to follow up.

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One platform

A single solution for all your lead generation needs.
Whatever your acquisition methods, Tilkee is the tool for you:
- Email campaign
- Marketing automation
- Social selling
- Mass prospecting
- Brochures and white papers

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Our data-driven approach to streamlining a company's core processes allows businesses to quickly become more agile, highly efficient, and easily scalable.


Tilkee Data-Driven Platform

Tilkee fuels your business by empowering your Sales and Marketing teams through reliable and actionable data.

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