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Creation of business proposals

Tilkee, a business proposal software, gives you the opportunity to track the business proposals you send. Upload your documents on our app and generate a unique link for each prospect.

Click on this button and receive an example of a Tilk – a project sent via Tilkee.

Real-time alerts and tips

As soon as your prospect starts reading your documents, you will be notified by email and receive the following stats: total reading time, document read, time spent on each page, e-signature, etc.
Thanks to a machine-learning algorithm, Tilkee also provides tips on when to follow-up on your prospect.

Responsive Design

Access our sales management tool from your tablet or check the detailed statistics from your mobile. Tilkee is available from all devices!


You can upload any type of documents : PDF, Word, Drive, MP4, youtube vidéos, etc. to create the most innovative business proposals.


With Tilkee, impress your prospects by customizing your proposals and ensuring that their design match your graphical chart and logo. Furthermore, customize the link you will send to your prospects.


All your requests will be handle promptly. Our Tilkers will be happy to answer any of your questions by email, chat, or phone calls.

Salesforce Appexchange

Tilkee is availble in Salesforce AppExchange. You can enjoy all its benefits directly in your Salesforce account.

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Integrate Tilkee in your CRM or any other app!

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