Tilkee, the digital, AI solution which will transform your sales performance

Digitalise your sales process to improve your operational performance!

As a consequence of the growing autonomy of decision-makers in their purchasing processes and the rising popularity of remote working, we now find ourselves in a world where interactions with our customers increasingly take place online. How we interact with our customers is therefore undergoing a profound change. In this context, the big challenge for your sales team is picking up on buying signals and crucially the timing of your prospects, meaning it’s now more and more difficult to know when and how to interact with them.

Predictive Scoring Board (predict)

Tilkee integrates into your CRM reports & dashboards, and its AI engine provides you with a global and a per-opportunity view of your chances of success. Based on the data Tilkee provides about your prospects’ interactions, you can now easily and accurately forecast your sales.


Improve your sales forecasts


Manage the performance of your sales teams remotely


Focus on the deals that have the best chance of closing and put in place specific opportunity planning and closing strategies.


Sales Process Automation (digitalise)

Use Tilkee directly from your CRM (SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics…). Generate your sales documents (proposals, contracts, quotes, etc.), and measure the interest level of your prospects in real-time thanks to Tilkee’s predictive features. From the initial contact to the signing of the deal and closing it in your CRM, manage your entire sales process digitally with Tilkee.


Focus on the hottest opportunities and implement the appropriate steps.

b3lineicon|b3icon-cloud-upload||Cloud Upload

No need to change platforms and take away what your team is used to, with Tilkee, everything is done within the CRM they already use on a daily basis.


Move your sales processes from the real world to a online world without losing sight of your customers' and prospects' buying signals.

Sales Enablement & Customer Collaboration (Collaborate)

Digitise all your marketing and sales documents whatever their format. Organise and reuse them easily. Share these documents with your customers in the dedicated Tilkee document space and collaborate with customers on these seamlessly.

b3lineicon|b3icon-group-round||Group Round

Improve and accelerate sales conversations with your customers

b3lineicon|b3icon-computer-rocket||Computer Rocket

Measure your customers' level of interest on a case by case basis


Save time by storing and organising all your sales documents and collateral in the same collaborative space.


Automisation & Next Best Action (Automate)

Tilkee’s artificial intelligence will guide your sales teams in their interactions with customers. By gathering data on customer and prospect interactions, Tilkee’s AI recommends the best actions to take according to the context. Automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks and free up time for high value-added sales actions.


Direct your salespeople towards the best action to take according to the profile and interest level of each prospect.


Help your sales force streamline their sales efforts through prioritisation and automation.


Improve the conversion rate of your opportunities by triggering the right actions at the right time.

Closing deals and contractualisation (Close)


Shorten your sales cycle and revolutionise the customer experience. In just a few minutes and remotely, allow your customers to fill out your contracts and sign them electronically, while capturing their level of interest in real-time.

With Tilkee, salespeople have all the solutions in hand to close the sale quickly:


Follow-up with your prospects accordingly thanks to the ability to detect in real-time when and how they read your sales documents.

b3lineicon|b3icon-mobile-devices||Mobile Devices

Guide and facilitate your future customers ability to view, fill out and electronically sign your documents. With Tilkee the whole signature process is carried out online, from any device, without printing paper, while being legally recognised.

b3lineicon|b3icon-cursor-click||Cursor Click

Automate your quote to signature process and bring your sales and finance teams closer together.


Multi application

Tilkee integrates with the main CRM, Marketing Automation and messaging solutions on the market.



Microsoft Dynamics 365

Email services


Microsoft Office






Tableau Software

Power BI

Marketing Automation