Digital Data Room

Our Digital Data Room can be used for a variety of purposes, including data storage, document exchange, and file sharing. 

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One platform

All business-critical documents are available in one single platform, both secure and accessible. Easily modify documents like contracts, pricing sheets, white papers, and brochures in real-time.

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Share documents

Effortlessly share documents with your team members and send documents in various formats from an easily-accessible repository.

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Available through different channels

Make your marketing documents available through different channels. With Tilkee, you can quickly send documents or put them online:
– on your website or blog
– on your social networks
– in your emailing campaigns via the tools that you already use: Hubspot, Marketo, MailChimp, and many more.

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Tilkee supports various types of documents and all major file types:
- Documents: .pdf .doc .ppt .xls
- Images: .png .jpg
- Videos: .mp4 .mov, YouTube, vimeo, Daylimotion.

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Our data-driven approach to streamlining a company's core processes allows businesses to quickly become more agile, highly efficient, and easily scalable.


Tilkee Data-Driven Platform

Tilkee fuels your business by empowering your Sales and Marketing teams through reliable and actionable data.

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