Case Studies

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“Tilkee is a very complete and time-saving tool that helps us reach our goals!”

Createch and Tilkee

Tilkee is for me a unique platform that allows me to send my proposal but most importantly to stand out from the competition.
It had been a while since I was looking for a way to have well-designed and efficient business proposals. Tilkee came in as the perfect tool to achieve my goals: not only I can analyse detailed statistics, I can also offer an entirely new experience to my prospects.
As of today, I can’t do with out it. Bye bye old emails, Good morning Tilkee!

Grégory Griesser, Business Manager


Global leaders in the high performing non-skid coating on testing rollers field and on the MOT free roller one. They aim at providing their customers in the automotive market with innovating solutions that ensure ergonomic and improvements, more productivity and savings.


Createch is in a very competitive industry, in which every actor prospects the same way. Therefore, it became essential for them to find away to different themselves. Furthermore, once a prospect is interested, he/she must be contacted in a timely manner to avoid loosing them to the competitors.


Thanks to Tilkee, Createch uses an easy-to-use proposal software platform to send its proposals. It can be flyers, videos, documents, anything and there is nothing to worry about heavy attachments. Tilkee allows them to stand out from the competition and to follow-up on their prospects right when they are interested in the offers.
It’s a brand new way to conduct business and it vehiculates an innovative image of the company.


Thanks to Tilkee, out of 4 business proposals sent, 3 meetings have been scheduled. The prospects were pleased by the personalized experience.
This result is quite something in this very competitive environment, in which Createch was struggling to get meetings.
Furthermore, their relationship with the clients has changed. They know who they are talking to and develop trustee professional relationships.

“Tilkee is a very complete and time-saving tool that helps us reach our goals!”

Apostrof and Tilkee

“At Apostrof, we use Tilkee daily to optimize our prospecting and our marketing actions. In fact, Tilkee is a very complete and time-saving tool that helps us reach our goals.”

Virginie Graziani, Director


Apostrof is a consulting firm specialized in human resources and specialised in two types of services: recruiting with a direct approach thanks to headhunting and competencies evaluation (Assessment Center), and training (intra and inter) focused on competencies development and career management.
Apostrof handles a precise type of profile : experts and sales people at a managerial level in the industrial vertical. Facing a demand of highly technical profiles, Apostrof has developed a strong expertise in headhunting for strategic recruitments.
Apostrof stands out from the competition thanks to its qualitative approaches and methods (i.e Assessment Center) that bring a high value-added when looking for an expert and evaluating his/her potential.

Apostrof se démarque de la concurrence grâce à son approche qualitative et ses méthodologies pointues (l’Assessment Center n’étant pas proposé par tous), apportant une réelle valeur ajoutée dans la recherche d’un professionnel et l’appréciation de ses compétences / de son potentiel.


Even though Apostrof operates on a niche market, it is highly competitive, especially in the Rhône Alpes région. In fact, there are lots of competitors who have a broad audience and who tries to get into the expert side of the job. Therefore, Apostrof must differentiate itself when prospecting and create an efficient sales strategy and be reactive !
Furthermore, Apostrof is facing a time and resources challenge on its mission. A lot of time is dedicated to prospecting and following-up, even though they are not able to measure their impact on their revenue. Business proposals happen to be quite heavy, and often lead to failed emails, which contradicts their global strategy and might results in lead loss.
Finally, little by little, marketing is becoming an important component of the overall sales strategy. It helps them increase customer loyalty and keep in touch with inbound demands. It became crucial for Apostrof to find a tool that would avoid wasting precious minutes and synergize its actions (sales and marketing) in order to have more time dedicated to delivering high qualitative services to its clients and candidates.


Apostrof optimizes its prospect follow-up on 3 missions, thanks to Tilkee:

– Prospecting: Thanks to Tilkee and its detailed statistics, Apostrof saves a lot of time by contacting only people who have actually opened and read their documents. Not only, Apostrof consultants know who to focus on but, furthermore, they follow-up in a timely manner to increase their chances of closing a deal. Finally, in the recruiting industry, there are often “hidden decision-maker”. Tilkee provides info on whether the documents are being forwarded within their prospects’ companies.

– Sending of candidates’ info folders: when on a recruiting mission, Apostrof send a shortlist of candidates’ CV who will be presented in interviews. Thanks to Tilkee, Apostrof is able to analyze the managers’ reading behaviors and predict the type of profiles that are more likely to suit their needs. Tilkee strengthen its predictive role!

– Marketing: Apostrof uses Tilkee to send its marketing info, in order to qualify the real interest of its contacts. Craftily, Apostrof uses this data to motivate its contacts to further read some sections of its documents. Finally, they also discover the documents the most read and which have the greatest impact on their audience.


Thanks to the broad use of Tilkee, Apostrof has gained a lot in reactivity and saved a lot of time.
Prospects are pleased because they are being called back when they are studying the documents and are impressed by this user-friendly and well-designed interface.
Finally, real customer relationships are being built, while their expertise, credibility, and professionalism are strengthened.
Since Apostrof uses Tilkee, their prioritization and follow-ups are a lot more efficient. They take in consideration the importance of the project and the detailed statistics before following-up on any prospects/clients. They are now able to react accordingly and increase their chance to close their deals.
Finally, their marketing strategy takes a strategic role and is re-aligned with sales to help them reach their goals.