Tilkee’s obsession with customer support!

At Tilkee, we’ve got plenty of obsessions at work. Some of us are obsessed with sales efficiency; others with their “social networkability”, tweets, slacks, mentions, the list goes on… But what is certain is that we’re all obsessed with customer support!


How did this obsession start?

First of all, you have to take into account that a satisfied customer is a loyal customer. Not only that, but satisfied customers attract an average of five new customers each.

Secondly, you have to implement a solution that encourages customer contact and allows you to answer their questions as soon as possible: in short, to ensure that they’re satisfied! Once you’ve found the tool and you’ve managed to convince your boss, you’ll finally start to see results.


So, what is this miraculous, perfect customer support tool?

We have to warn you that this tool is not a miracle worker on its own. At Tilkee, we selected Intercom.

Intercom allows us to host online chats directly from our app and our website. Anyone who needs help, has a problem or has questions on our software can contact us in just a few clicks.

The result? A revolution in customer support.


In concrete terms, what does this mean for Tilkee?

Over the last 28 days:

130 conversations  Response rate 100% – Average response time 2 mins


So there you have it! We’re ultra-responsive and our customers love us as a result! Of course, we always respond to everyone and we never walk away from a conversation until the customer is satisfied with our answer.


What about you – how do you manage your customer support?

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