Tilkee & Gmail plug-in

Thanks to Tilkee, no more attachments in your emails

This sentence could not be truer than today !

To start : download the Gmail plug-in on your mailbox via this link.


Then click on “Compose” to send an email.

You can immediately add the email address of your recipient as well as the subject (which will appear in your connection’s email alert)


1. To add your documents, click on the fox icon located on the right of the send button :


2. Log in the Tilkee app.


2 options :

  • Add a link to an existing project containing existing documents (eg. company brochure)


  • Create a new project as well as a new link (go directly to # 5.)

3. To add a link to an existing project, click on the project in the list :

3.ouverture_pluggin - projet existant

4. The link is named after the email address of your recipient (provided you already typed it). You can change this information.

Capture d’écran 2015-11-16 à 17.54.36

Then click on Generate. The link is automatically added in your email message:


You are done ! You can now send your email to your recipient !

You receive an email alert once he clicks on the link to view your documents.

5. Create a new project (add documents). Click on Create a new project.


6. Project title is already there if you typed a subject in your email.

Otherwise, fill in Project title. You can create a project from a template by selecting Template.

Otherwise, you can directly add your documents by clicking on Add a file. Your documents will appear in the greyed area.

Then click on Generate and insert an access link to finalise your project and add the link in your email message.


You are done ! You have created a project and a link in a few clicks !

Now you just need to wait until you receive an email alert once your prospect has read your proposal.




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