Sending mass mailing with Tilkee, this is now possible !

For many years now, you send your mailing campaigns without really knowing whether your sales documents/presentations have actually been read or not. You only know whether the email has be open and it is not even 100 % reliable…


Thanks to our integration with Mailchimp (leader in email marketing tools), you will now be able to know if the attached documents are read and how !




You probably wonder how it works ?

This is very simple, you connect a contact list to a Tilkee project already created, all this is done via the internet platform we provide which has been all set and configured for that purpose. You then prepare your campaign while integrating the Tilkee link (via the button set in Mailchimp).


After sending your campaign you will get access to the reading statistics of your documents directly into Mailchimp ! This will help you better qualify your contacts according to their reading behaviours.


This feature is already used by many companies. Their lifes changed entirely since they have used it. No need to follow up on all your prospects. You will know which ones are really interested by your offer.


If you want to know more about how this new feature works, contact us via email at and we will be happy to do a presentation 🙂


Tilkee yours,
Ludo, Sergent Tilker.

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