Send your CV with Tilkee !


Although it was designed to send commercial proposals, it is very simple to use Tilkee to send his CV.
So, you can add other elements than CV and cover letter as a video or a data visualization of your career

And it will let you know if the recruiter opens and looks at your resume.
So you can take the opportunity to call him to speak with him of your motivation.

I fear that opening statistics are very low …
But it will avoid to hope to be called for a job while your CV has never been opened!

We have already received two applications for internships at Tilkee sent with … Tilkee!
We love it ☺




I also had fun to make my CV on Tilkee to show an example (even if i haven’t made a cover letter) : CV Sylvain TILLON

What do you think about ?

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