PLEASE no more paper forms! Trade fair nightmares…

Have you ever spent long hours adding info to your CRM after a trade fair? I know I have!

At Tilkee we love a good trade fair. And this is understandable when you consider the potential at all these events:
– A large number of leads concentrated into one space
– High quality contacts that are open for discussion
– An excuse to get out our fluffy fox mascots!
– And all of this in a short period of time which is rich in conversation and new knowledge.

Now that summer is sadly over, we’re preparing ourselves for three intensive months of trade fairs in all corners of Europe (WebSummit in Lisbon, the eShow in Madrid, the Heavent and Web2Business in Paris, TechDayHQ in London and LiveFest 2018 – a virtual trade fair!)

So what else?

Well, there’s a side to these events that sales people know about all too well – the long, uninspiring, post-event work that is processing all that lovely data.
Because yes, all of the discussions and contact details exchanged during the event need to be recorded… otherwise the event ends up being a bit pointless.
The numbers stack up pretty well – 75% of business that comes out of a trade fair in France takes place after the event, through gentle reminders to prospects about the quote that’s been sent (source here).

So, how do we fit into this story?

As the title of the article indicates, we used to record most of our information either on contact forms or scribbled on the back of business cards with the aim of conserving as much information as possible (and being able to understand the scribbles days later!). This approach is already ahead of the game compared to some exhibitors who barely keep track of any contacts made or discussions had (which seems crazy to me!). We can perhaps forgive them for wanting to avoid the hours lost to processing all this information (keyboards at the ready. ladies and gents, it’s time for long hours of CRM data entry!). Is this really normal in this digital age?

You may be thinking, but Kate, there are solutions on the market such as scanners or name tag readers, and this is true. But these don’t allow you to add comments to each lead. While it may be obvious, we don’t necessarily want to process information on a visitor who’s asking about a job opportunity in the same way as a visitor with a short term business requirement.

In short, we needed

  1. A solution to manage the leads generated from trade fairs and events
  2. A solution which will enable us to efficiently follow up with them

Wait but… aren’t we a digital startup? And specialists in sales efficiency?

The birth of Tilkee for Events

Given our recurring post-trade fair data processing marathons, our web developers came to the rescue. As part of one of Tilkee’s annual intrapreneurial workshops, the idea was born to develop the app ourselves internally as a solution.

Imagine the enthusiasm from our sales team when the developers told us they were working on the ability to:

  • Digitalise our old contact forms and make them interactive
  • Scan the info from a business card rather than having to manually type it
  • Automatically send a personalised email to your contact (otherwise people forget about you). And I don’t think any of us would say no to being able to track the collateral sent in this email to qualify to what extent prospects are really interested? 🦊
  • And finally, transfer the data to our CRM system in 1 simple click.

All of this got us pretty excited! And since we have super efficient developers, this dream became reality (really quickly!)

So dear reader, firstly thanks for reading this far. I now encourage you to have a look at a bit of information on Tilkee for Events presentation via the following link:

Since then, the solution worked really well for us! And because we knew we were onto something, we decided to share it.

And we weren’t mistaken. We weren’t the only ones struggling to manage all our trade fair leads. Our first clients from all sorts of industries… automobile, pharmaceutical, furniture, telecoms etc…. were quickly drawn in and under the spell of Tilkee for Events.

Our clients can tell you about it much better than we can, so (with google translate maybe!) take a look at Benjamin Balantin’s experience (Business Transformation Director at Fermob) published on ActionCo here:

You’ve probably understood now; the end of the paper contact form has given rise to the birth of Tilkee for Events, so there’s just one thing to add: Bring on the next trade fair!

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