Our favorite email tracking software

In today’s business world, emails have taken the lead in our communication system. In fact, a great part of our day will be dedicated to going through a never ending list of emails and responding to them!

And because we know how time consuming this can be, we wanted to go ahead and give you our 4 favorite email tracking softwares that will provide exceptional insights on your marketing campaign:




If you are wondering how to trace an email and schedule an answer, Boomerang is one of the email tracker you may use. As easy as a plug-in can be, you will be able to integrate it directly in your Gmail account.

Contact Monkey

An other tool that will help you track emails and get more insights on your recipients’ reading behaviors is Contact Monkey. The actions that you will be taking in your Gmail or Outlook account will be directly forwarded to your SalesForce interface, allowing you to build up a detailed prospect list.


A precise and detailed oriented application, Sidekick focuses on email tracking and scheduling, as well as contact details. It is integrated with most email accounts and will provide information on the way people interact with your communication materials.


Enjoy having a double check mark on your message to know if the person has read your message? Great news, MailTrack does exactly the same thing in Gmail!


If you are want to go a step further, check us out!

TILKEE tracks everything after a contact has opened your sales document. Whether you are sending a contract, a quote, or a simple document; you will know in real-time who has opened it, how long they spent on it, what percentage they have actually read, and the number of time your document was accessed!

From there, all you have to do is call back your prospect/contact and we can assure you, it will be the perfect time!



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