Make your business stand out from the crowd, with Tilkee!

Your prospective clients are continually bombarded with offers. Some of the larger ones probably receive hundreds of messages, including dozens of sales pitches, every day, especially if they work in a competitive industry. You need to find a way to make your offer stand out from the crowd and Tilkee can give you a distinct advantage over the competition. Let’s see how:

Detailed documentation which is easy to read.

Say goodbye to endless pages of small print! Make way for Tilkee’s interface, through which you can send detailed proposals, contracts or other documents which would normally be too bulky to be sent by email. Our platform can handle any format: PDF, video, infographics, https links, interactive forms etc.

Your offer is bound to stand out from the rest: your prospective customer will be able to easily open your documents and see these in an attractive,, professional space, entirely branded to your company. We all know the impact of visual effects compared to plain text but make sure your text lives up to the sales promises announced in the eye-catching headings you can add to the space your prospects will see.

A really attractive business proposal.

You may be selling the best service or product in the world but, if it doesn’t meet a customer’s needs, you will have trouble clinching the deal. With Tilkee, you know exactly how interested your lead is and has shown in the content you send out: you can tell whether they opened the documents, if they read them, which pages they spent the most time on, and so on.

Automatic appointment scheduling

No more wasted calls and follow-ups: you can use your CRM (for example SalesForce) to automate sending meeting requests to prospective customers who have shown a clear interest in your proposal or other document (thanks to the “Tilkee interest score”). You change the settings to automatic contact requests (this could be a minimum amount of time your prospect read the document, the percentage of the document they read or a certain interest score).

Continuous enhancement

Tilkee helps you to improve your proposals and other content: you can easily identify which pages in your presentation people are least interested in. That way, you know whether to rework the wording you use, the headings, the illustrations and/or the presentation as a whole.

At the same time, you know what interests your prospective customer most so that you can tailor your meeting around these specific pages and adapt your questions for each lead.

Thanks to Tilkee, you also know when to follow-up and why. If the proposal is rejected, Tilkee will prompt you to call the prospect back to find out what went wrong. Your lead can then provide you with invaluable feedback.

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