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Improve how you manage your commercial prospection with and Tilkee.

Managing business relationships can easily seem like an obstacle course if you’re badly equipped.  From client files on excel, others on Word, a calendar stuffed to the brim with reminders for follow up calls and thousands of folders on your computer; we’ve all been there right? But what if all this could be more efficient? That’s exactly what we’re suggesting you look into thanks to the Tilkee’s integration into the prospection software,


Two tools in one! is an extremely useful tool which was designed to help managers and salespeople keep track of their deals more easily. Goodbye complicated CRM systems which are not adapted to your sales processes! You can now have a tool which you can adapt according to your needs and make your efficiency a priority:

  • customise your sales steps,
  • create client leads with one click (from LinkedIn, a business card, a contact form, etc.),
  • plan reminders for follow up calls with alerts,
  • manage your prospection files,
  • receive in depth statistics and updates on your business activity.

As for Tilkee for Sales, it’s is a tool which tracks your business documents and shows you when and how your documents have been read and by who. This is highly useful within the framework of business relationships because Tilkee allows you to determine to what extent your prospect is interested and when the right time is to follow-up. Each time your documents are viewed, you’ll receive an email alert or a notification on your smartphone showing you:

  • the total time your contact spent reading your documents,
  • the percentage of your documents read,
  • the most read document,
  • if documents have been downloaded (you can also deactivate this feature).

You will also have access to the detailed statistics on your contact’s reading behaviour on your Tilkee account.

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Simplified business efficiency

Thanks to the integration of these two tools, you’ll be able to:

  • Manage your business opportunities with just one tool: create client files and follow your entire business relationship from the very first conversation right up until the signature.
  • Send your business documents (introduction, business proposal, quotations, etc.) from using Tilkee’s tracking technology.
  • Adapt your business strategy according to the potential client’s interest: thanks to alerts, reading tracking and the interest grade defined by Tilkee, you’ll be able to identify if your potential client is warmer or colder and modify your follow up steps  in accordingly.
  • … and much more!


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don’t hesitate to take a look at our introduction page for the integration of and Tilkee.


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take a look at our help page which will guide you through installation.


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