Changes have been made to the way your documents are displayed!

A new way of displaying documents to your prospects is now available. We carefully listened to your feedback regarding this and have taken it account in developing this latest version. So here are the changes we’ve made since our last announcement:


  • Your clients can now move from one document to the next by scrolling the mouse, whereas before, they were required to click on document titles in the left menu to move on to the next one.
  • Hyperlinks in the documents are now clickable
  • Navigation buttons have been added to allow direct access to the next page
  • A highlighted “Sign document” button for those accustomed to using electronic signatures
  • Revamped ergonomics to provide a better reading experience to your audience
  • It functions seamlessly with all existing browsers, even Internet Explorer 7 and Edge
  • The result? More effective tracking of your documents!


Start sending documents to your contacts now in order to take advantage of these new features!

We really hope you like this new version!

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