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Tilkee is an ever-growing company. And this is thanks to you!

It all began two years ago, when Sylvain and Tim realized that too many sales people were spending time chasing prospects that would not close and were wondering when was the best time to follow-up.

What better idea than to conceive your own tool? Tilkee was born.

Since then, it’s been a crazy but memorable ride! From conceiving the app, to getting our first users. From becoming a promising start-up who raised 500k€ in 2014 to having more than 700 routinely users. From signing with enterprise-sized companies to developing our business throughout Europe and the United States! And yes, this is only the beginning.

More recently, the release of Tilkee v2 has led to an enormous dynamism and we want you to benefit from it! To show you our continuous effort to innovate, we have worked really hard to offer a brand new feel to our brand and are very proud to reveal our new logo and website!


As you already know, we absolutely love feedback.
Please send us your thoughts and let us know how you like it!

Did you know ?

So why a fox you may ask?
→ It drives us back to our roots : Tilkee! Our company is named after the word “fox” in Turkish
→ Foxes are smart, ingenious, cunning, and fast. Exactly what is needed to close more deals!

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