Brand new email alerts!

We have recently released our brand new email alerts!

Wonder why?

We wanted to make your life even simpler!

We came to the conclusion that we could make the information more readable to help you organize your follow-ups in the most efficient way.

So, what’s new?

– Lead qualification: Hot? Warm? Cold? Check the color on the gauge and you’ll instantly know where your leads stand. We analyze the reading behavior of your leads to qualify them.

– Percentage read of the overall project: now you can see straight away how much of your project was read.

– Document most read: which document did your lead spent the most time on.

– Download of documents: whether your lead has downloaded your documents.

No worries, we have kept all the fantastic stats below:

– Number of connection on the project

– Total reading time

– And our awesome tips!


New email alert v2


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