Back from an exciting week !

We are back from a week full of discoveries, great meetings, and exciting events!

We spent 4 days in Las Vegas exhibiting and walking around the Collision Conference.
Not only did we get to experience the world start-up environment but we also got to meet many people getting their business started and interested in boosting their sales.

We are so eager to hear back from them!

IMG_4467            IMG_0651


Following this one-of-a-kind trade-show, we moved on to the 2nd CCE World Symposium in Miami. Organized by the French government, this was an amazing opportunity for us to meet other French entrepreneurs that could reflect on their previous experience entering the US market.
The great organization, conferences, one-to-one meet-ups, and networking events made it a unique event that we surely enjoyed a lot!

IMG_4505                                   symp-cce



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