Automate your sales process with Sales Automation !


Today we will introduce you to our new offering, already proven with our most faithful customers: Sales Automation.


Sales what ?


A few questions to start with:

  • Are you a sales rep ? (stupid question, if not would you be using Tilkee !)
  • You are fed up with chasing your customers to set up appointments ? (if the answer is “no”, you are the first one I meet !)
  • Would you like to have a personal assistant taking care of everything, from sending your proposal to setting up appointments to help you close business ? (if the answer is no again, simply change job !)


Sales Automation is this personal assistant.


Thanks to the tool, you can automate your sales process, from sending the proposal to closing the deal !

With this really innovative offering, you will be able to :

  • Get appointments without dealing with time consuming reminders,
  • Organise your follow up,
  • Boost your closing rate !

According to the most consulted aspects of your proposal (pricing, technical documentation, etc.), the most optimised workflow will be automatically triggered.

For example :

  • if your prospect views your proposal for more than 3 minutes, he automatically receives an email proposing a phone call to present the offer. Tilkee then proposes timeslots available in your calendar for an appointment. If he does not accept the appointment, you send him an email with new timeslots. If he still does not answer, you get a reminder in your calendar to contact him.
  • if your prospect does not view your proposal, you send him an automatic reminder via email after 3 days. If he still hasn’t viewed it, you send him an email with a simple question: “are you still interested by my offer ? YES / NO” If he clicks on YES, it automatically proposes timeslots for a phone call. If he clicks on NO, it sends an evaluation questionnaire to understand his decision. After 3 months, he received a new message to know whether the project is being reactivated.


If you would like to receive a free customised offer according to your needs, please contact us at


And for more information and other examples, click on this link (link tilkee sales automation) and do not hesitate to contact our team on +33 (0) 482 535 301 or send us an email at

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