Tilkee as fast as a Ferrari !

Because saving you time and helping you be ever faster to recontact your prospects are our top priorities, we have worked for many weeks on a feature that you will love…

Fast and streamlined project composing !

Now you can send your access links in 3 simple steps:

1. You add your documents,

2. Tilkee automatically generates an access link,

3. You send it to your prospect !

This is a streamlined and quick version of project composing.You can always (when sending your link), access to detailed features (preview of the project, update and add other documents) :

Below is the process describing how to create a project with Tilkee:

  1. Click on the button to create a new project:


  1. Add key information:
    1. Name your project (eg customer proposal-
    2. Choose a template (optional)
    3. Upload your Documents
    4. Click on Ok.


  1. An access link is automatically created. You can send it directly to your contact. Or you can:

5. Click on “Project Overview” to preview your documents.

6. Click on “Edit the project” to add more documents or options (download, signature, change theme, archiving date, etc.): see next item.


4.   If you click on “Change project”, I end up on the standard page composing of a project. Yoy can then add options, other documents, generate other access links, etc.


Access to your account !

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