Are you a salesperson, marketer or a manager?

Tilkee was made for you!


  • Save time putting together content you want to send
  • No more problems with weighty email attachments
  • Improve the relationship with your prospects
  • Easily gauge the interest of each prospect
  • Call your prospects at the right moment
  • Establish great relationships with your prospects
  • Analyse the insights that Tilkee provides so that you can focus on the most on the most efficient documents
  • No more frustrations! Become more motivated and confidence with Tilkee!


  • Upload marketing material for everyone to use to a shared library
  • Create ‘themes’. A theme is how your documents will be presented. They include your company’s colours and logo
  • Ensure that everyone in your company is using the same updated version of marketing documents
  • Adapt your marketing material according to how it’s read and prioritise the most important information
  • Create quality content and marketing material
  • A/B test your documents
  • Have a positive impact on the how effective your sales force is
  • Work closely and guide your sales team better


  • Put in place strong and effective sales processes
  • Provide your teams with a tool enabling the sales and marketing departments to work easily together
  • Work out which parts of your strategy are stronger and which are less so.
  • Better guide individual members of your team thanks to the access you have to everyone’s statistics.
  • Predict your sales and target your prospects better.
  • Ensure your teams are motivated by closely working alongside